01.16.12 l Day Two: Stash the Scale.

Contributed by Coach Karen

A few folks have asked why the EAD / CFAH / CFAX 30 Day Paleo Challenge encourages you to stash the scale for the duration of the challenge.The simple answer is that weight does not determine size or body composition.

Consider a standard-issue hard ball and an inflatable beach ball. Both tip the scale at just about four ounces, but one is fluffy, squishy and big, while the other is compact, taut and small. Which set of adjectives would you prefer describe your body type?

Body circumference measurements and body composition (percent body fat vs. lean muscle mass) are the preferred way to track progress. While those changes won’t happen overnight — it takes several weeks to lose inches and decrease body fat — what the scale reads could for a variety of reasons. And that daily fluctuation is bound to make you nutso crazy, and could contribute to emotional eating.

Another reason we ask you to ditch the scale is that many folks have a tendency to fixate on some arbitrary number. The number could be what you weighed in high school, or when you met your spouse, or maybe the summer at the beach when you left eyeballs bulging and tongues dragging. The number on the scale shouldn’t define success; how you look and feel, and how well you perform as you live your life should. Truly, if you looked great in (and out) of clothes, would you really care what the scale read? Doubtful.

Image courtesey of NerdFitness.

Take this picture, for instance. Same woman, photos captured eight months apart. She weighs 131 pounds in one shot and 142 pounds  in the other. Which picture is which? Think she cares that the scale reads 11 pounds heavier? Please. She’s the compact, taut hardball.

So take your measurements and hop on that scale one last time until February 14.

Today’s Question: What single food item do you anticipate that you’ll miss the most over the next 30 days and why?

Today’s Resource: Get Out of Good Food Jail. Tips and Tricks From Top Paleo Chefs.



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