01.18.12 l Day Four: The Temptation of ‘Willful Ignorance.’

Contributed by Coach Karen

Four days in to the EAD / CFAH / CFAX Paleo Challenge and the sweet — or salty, savory, crunchy or carbonated — siren song of your favorite non-Paleo foods sounds. And the negotiation begins. “The burger is grassfed, and it’s just a wee bit of ketchup.” “The challenge my friend is doing allows it.” “I don’t want to seem high maintenance at my business lunch.” “I can’t live another moment without my _________.” The truth is you can make it much longer than 30 days without your non-Paleo “go to” foods, whether those foods satisfy a behavioral, physical or emotional craving.

Many of us travel a path of willful ignorance when it comes to food choices; we aim for the nutritional potholes instead of wisely navigating around them. The reasons we fail to stay right at the fork in the road are many, and have little to do with lack of awareness or information. Recent research suggests that when presented with irrefutable facts, many people simply disregard them because it is incongruous to what they want to believe. For those of you with little ones in your life, that sure sounds a lot like trying to talk rationally to a toddler laser-focused on adding Froot Loops to the grocery cart.

We can chart a new course. It is not our ancestral history or destiny to eat foods counter to our health. Consider the following strategies to help steer clear of temptation over the next 30 days.

  • Motivating Statements. Jot down a few sentences about why you want to eat healthier. How do you envision feeling? What excites you? What will be different? Post the statements in the kitchen, on the car visor, at work,  carry a copy with you, share a copy with your Network of Excellence, write them on your forearm. Tempted? Read your motivating statements — aloud — multiple times. Then move on, leaving the temptation behind.
  • Plan to Succeed. Don’t let past attempts define future achievement. Recognize potential barriers and have a plan to navigate them. Spend a few minutes brainstorming the barriers you might encounter over the next 30 days — business travel, Super Bowl Sunday, entertaining, client meals, a spouse who unintentionally (or intentionally, but that’s another post!) sabotages you. Don’t assume that you can manage the unexpected. Plan for it with gusto.
  • Leverage the Community. Close to 100 people are on board for the EAD / CFAH / CFAX 30 Day Paleo Challenge. That’s sure to generate an amazing level of energy, focus, determination, commitment, support, reinforcement, enthusiasm, recipe ideas and more. Reach out for encouragement … it will be there.

Today’s Question:What helps you stave off temptation?

Food For Thought: ABC Nightline’s Host Life Altering Assignment.

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