01.19.12 l Day Five: Secret Saboteurs.

                                                                        Contributed by Coach Karen

Sometimes, it’s the people in our inner circle who unconsciously set barriers to keep us from taking a leap in the right direction.

Five days in to the EAD / CFAH / CFAX 30 Day Paleo Challenge and you’re starting to feel the benefits of eating green & clean. These changes cement your commitment, yet may leave family, friends and co-workers feeling on shaky ground.

According to Leighton Clark, LCSW, Creative Transitions, Ltd., it takes a committed individual approximately 33 – 66 days to integrate a new habit into a long-lasting reality. But it takes those around you more than three months to accept the changes, a gap which frequently rattles the foundation of relationships.

“Most people don’t consciously sabotage the change efforts of others. Sometimes, however, the ripple effect of change — say one person eating Paleo and the other a traditional diet — creates discomfort, and may illicit subconscious actions that resist the new direction,” said Clark.  Bottom line: Just because you’re ready to make the jump doesn’t mean that those around you are ready for the impact your change may have on them.

Sabotage may be subtle, say passing the popcorn at the movie theater out of habit; or, it could be as brash as bringing your favorite food into the house. Either way, it’s something you need to address.

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center encourages people to “spit it out” and remind loved ones that their support and assistance is appreciated and important to the change effort. For those who persist in offering food, Katz suggests the following response: “It looks great. Maybe later.” Then make sure later never comes.

Clark and Katz recommend those seeking change connect with like-mind people.

“The power and momentum of sharing and working toward a goal with others contributes significantly to long-term success,” said Clark … a fact not lost on the more than 100 people committed to the EAD / CFAH / CFAX 30 Day Paleo Challenge. “Support is available from many sources. If a loved one isn’t ready to offer needed encouragement, reach out to those who are.”

Today’s Question: How do you deal with people who overtly or covertly try and sabotage your Paleo Plate?

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