02.27.11 l Mystery Team / Partner WOD

Congrats to the EAD CIRC 2011 Team! From left, bottom row: Julie G, Carol, Sarah, Jennie, Jenn, Jim, Karen SI & Kelly. Second row: Dana, Kristen, Sammy, Amy Pr, Brandon, Eric, Bill & Tom. Third row: Becky, Jackie H, Liz, Rob V, Scott O'D, Rory & Devin. Fourth row: Barb, Kelly B, Karen J, Amy Pi, Lisa S, Al, Josh R, Josh S & Becca. Top row: Kevin T & Phil. Not pictured: Rick T, Amy C, Nicole & Katherine. And to our fellow athletes who trained for CIRC and planned to join us, but couldn’t: You were missed!

Join us at 10:30 a.m. for an all-athlete mystery WOD. You just never know what craziness Coach Jim will create.

Posted in Arlington Heights WOD, Axis WOD.