04.29.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Rowing Boot Camp, CrossFit Women, and Fitness Boot Camp

Photo by: Jim Inman / Buckshot Images (www.buckshotimages.zenfolio.com)

Photo by: Jim Inman / Buckshot Images (www.buckshotimages.zenfolio.com)

Partner 2000m Row
One rows, one holds barbell in front rack (135/95), switch as needed
5×2:30 on/:30 off for total reps
10 TTB
10 DB Hang (below knees) Snatch (45/25)
10 Lateral Box Overs (hips open) (24/20)
10 Pistols

Strength & Conditioning
Clean and Jerk (4×1/85%)
Back Squat (4×3 90%)
Deadlift (1 x 5)
DOH Deadlift (1 x 10)
Chin Up (3 x AMAP)
Dip (3 x AMAP)

Deadlift 5×3/10RM
Front Squat or high bar, paused Squat 3×6 with the same weights from last week
See Coach for assistance movements.

CrossFit Women
Coach’s Choice. Come prepared for anything!

Rowing Boot Camp
Join Coach Web for technique, skill development and plenty of time on (and off!) the Concept2.

Fitness Boot Camp
Get your weekend started on the right foot!


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