09.04.14 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp, and Training Essentials

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Programming Reminders | The Fall 2014 Class Schedule — including the new EAD Strength & Conditioning cycle –starts this week. Be sure to introduce yourself to the athletes in the current Training Essentials session. The next Training Essentials sessions start the week of September 8. Refer a friend and we’ll credit your account with three classes.

8 Pistols/Pistols onto Box
For Time:
Run 250m
20 DB Snatch (45/25)
20 Jumping Pull Ups
Run 400m
15 DB Snatch (45/25)
15 Jumping Pull Ups
Run 800m
10 DB Snatch (45/25)
10 Jumping Pull Ups

Strength & Conditioning
EAD Strength & Conditioning will help the competitive and “every day” athlete improve strength, power, explosiveness, speed, agility, and flexibility; increase work capacity; improve body composition; and optimize health and wellness. This class is perfect for anyone ready to work hard, focus on technique, commit to 2-4 classes per week, and get results. Today’s programming will be posted on the White Board.

Boot Camp
EAD | CFAH Boot Camp is a challenging and fun mix of bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbell, and plyometric movements, plus indoor rowing and a variety of surprise elements. This class is scaled to athlete skill and experience level. Come prepared for individual, duo or team events. Today’s programming will be posted on the White Board.

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