10.10.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp and Training Essentials

5×3* Muscle ups (ring, bar, or transition on low rings)
5×3* Strict Pull ups + 3 Strict Dips

*10 DB Reverse Flys after each set (light weight, focus on good form)

For total reps
4 Tabata rounds of Plank Step ups (45/25)
2:00 Double Unders
4 Tabata rounds of DB Squat Snatch (minimum for RX=30/20)
2:00 Double Unders
4 Tabata rounds of OH Plate Lunges (45/25)
2:00 Double Unders

Strength & Conditioning
This is a transition week in advance of our next cycle. The new cycle will be a bit skewed toward powerlifting and will culminate with an in-house Powerlifting Meet on December 9th. Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for further details.

Clean 5/75, 3/80, 1/85
Back Squat 5/75, 5/80, 5/85
DB Bent Arm Lateral Raise 5×10-15
Russian Twists 3×20
Body Row 5xAMAP (horizontal)
800 m. Run for time

Boot Camp
Coach Kate’s 9:30 Smackdown

Training Essentials
Week #1, Class #2


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