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Dave D. hitting a heavy Squat.

Dave D. hitting a heavy Squat.

Programming Notes. Are you ready to PR? It is 1RM Week for Strength & Conditioning cycle athletes. The next Strength & Conditioning cycle starts the week of November 3. | Take time to introduce yourself to the new athletes starting Training Essentials Monday morning & evening. | Be sure to register for Fit4T5 and Rowing Boot Camp. Classes are capped at five athletes for Fit4T5 and seven athletes for Rowing Boot Camp. | Know someone ready to commit to achieving their health & fitness goals? Encourage them to join us for our Free Class Challenge Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m. | Registration is now open for the November 10 – December 21 CompuTrainer session. No previous CompuTrainer experience necessary. | The October Athlete Email Bulletin is out. If you didn’t receive a copy last week, let Coach Karen know.

Every :30s for 8:00
1 power clean +1 hang squat clean @ 65%

4 rounds for time:
12 renegade rows (20/12, 6 per side)
24 single arm DB/KB press (20/12, 12 per side)
36 double Unders (4:1)

Strength & Conditioning
Test Week
1RM Snatch
1RM Clean & Jerk

CrossFit Women
Strength | Push Press 6-6-6-6+
Work up to a heavy six, ensuring flawless form & technique, and driving the fastest hips possible along the way. If you exceed 10 reps on the final set, be sure to add weight the next time you Push Press.

Skill | Pull Up Descents 5 x 5 x 3-5 seconds / descent
Start with chin over par, arms flexed at elbow. Lower from this position as slowly as possible until arms are fully extended. If you can’t hold your chin over the bar, start on a box high enough to achieve proper position. If you can’t control your descent, place one foot in a band until you can. If this stage is easy for you, watch for progressions starting next week.

MetCon | 16′ AMRAP | For Rounds + Reps
8 Goblet Squat (35#)
8 Double Unders (4:1)
8 Soccer Throws (10#)
8 Rotational Throws Right + 8 Rotational Throws Left (10#)

Boot Camp
Celebrate Hump Day with Coach Jason.

Mobility & Recovery
Connect, flex & dine with the Wednesday night crew. Dinner location TBA.

Training Essentials
Week #1, Class #2

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