10.25.14 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit Women, Indoor Rowing Boot Camp, Boot Camp, Open Gym, and Free Class Challenge

Coach Jason_Regina

Programming Notes. Are you ready to PR? It is 1RM Week for Strength & Conditioning cycle athletes. The next Strength & Conditioning cycle starts the week of November 3. | Take time to introduce yourself to the new athletes starting Training Essentials Monday morning & evening. | Be sure to register for Fit4T5 and Rowing Boot Camp. Classes are capped at five athletes for Fit4T5 and seven athletes for Rowing Boot Camp. | Know someone ready to commit to achieving their health & fitness goals? Encourage them to join us for our Free Class Challenge Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m. | Registration is now open for the November 10 – December 21 CompuTrainer session. No previous CompuTrainer experience necessary. | The October Athlete Email Bulletin is out. If you didn’t receive a copy last week, let Coach Karen know.

Bandbell press 4×8

For time:
20 TKE
20 stick jumps (20/16)
4 laps OH plate lunges (45/25)
20 GHD sit ups
4 laps frog hop Burpees
20 stick jumps (20/16)
20 TKE

Strength & Conditioning
Test Week
1RM Front Squat
1RM Bench Press
1RM Overhead Squat (optional)

CrossFit Women
Come prepared for Coach Becky’s Choice.

Indoor Rowing Boot Camp
Join Coach Michelle for this week’s class. Class size is limited to seven athletes. Please be sure to register.

Boot Camp
Join Coach Jason for today’s Boot Camp.

Open Gym
Work on skills or make up a missed WOD from earlier in the week. This class is for current EAD | CFAH athletes only.

Free Class Challenge.
Encourage your friends to join Coach Ashley for today’s Free Class Challenge. Can’t make it today? Join Coach Karen Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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