11.02.16 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp and Free Class Challenge

Skill: Review Snatch, Clean, and Deadlift technique

With a running clock, EMOM x 30
Minutes 1-10: 1 Snatch + 7 Ab Mat Sit ups
Minutes 11-20: 1 Clean + 5 Superman
Minutes 21-30: 1 Deadlift + 3 Burpees

*Oly lifts may be power or squat. You must increase weight on barbell every round. Record final weights for all 3 movements.
(Compare to 10.26.15)

Strength & Conditioning
Squat Snatch + Snatch Push Press + OHS 3/75, 3/80
Deadlift 5/75, 3/85, 1+/95
HKR/KTE 4×15
Bent over BB Row 4×10
Alternating DB Press 4×10
Tabata Atomic Sit ups 6x
Tabata Flutter Kicks 6x

Boot Camp
Join us for Hump Day Hysteria at 4:30 p.m.

Free Class Challenge
Encourage your the people in your life to join us for a free class tonight at 6 p.m. or Saturday morning at 9 a.m. RSVP


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