11.04.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Rowing Boot Camp, Boot Camp, Free Class, and Youth AD

When the workout is finished and you look like you’re ready for more. Coach Becky returns from Las Vegas this weekend and will join us for the 9 .m., CrossFit class. Drop in to say hi!

Skill | EMOM x 10
Odd: 1-2 Rope Climbs
Even: Dips (submax sets)

Partner MetCon | You Go, I Go
#1, Three Rounds
10 Ab Mat Sit Ups
10 OHS (95 / 65)

#2, Three Rounds
10 HR Push Ups
10 Ball Slams

#3, Three Rounds
10 Air Squats
10 Hang Power Cleans (95 / 65)

#4, Three Rounds
10 KTE
10 Ball Over Shoulder (50)

Strength & Conditioning
Back Squat 3 x 5

Press 3 x 5

Power Clean 4 x 3

Accessory and/or Skill Work + Stretch / Mobility Work

Rowing Boot Camp
Join Coach Karen at 7 a.m.

Boot Camp
Join Coach Karen at 8 a.m.

Youth Athletic Development
Join Coach Web at 10:15 a.m.

Free Class
Encourage the people in your life to experience the EAD | CFAH Training Community. Invite them to register for Saturday at 9 a.m., Wednesday at 6:45 p.m., or if they have CrossFit or related barbell experience, for any class we offer.


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November 4, 2017 Whiteboard.

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