12.04.17 | Performance Enhancement Technique: Inverted Hamstring

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce (right) and athlete Julie M demonstrate the Inverted Hamstring.

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce & our very own Julie M demonstrate this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique.

Whether you call it Warrior 3 or Inverted Hamstring, this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique will improve balance, stability and strength. Check out this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

Complete 16 slow, precise repetitions of the position following your workout. Since no equipment is needed for Inverted Hamstring, work in a few reps when you’re away from EAD | CFAH, too.

Inverted Hamstring is best done in bare feet to give your toes a chance to grip the ground, and encourage you to connect to your base of support.

Build Inverted Hamstring from the ground up, with your feet roughly hip distance apart. Stand straight, and load your balance leg, keeping a bit of softness in the knee. Hold your chest tall, slowly tip forward, and stretch your opposing leg away from your torso. Reach your arms forward (“Superman” arms) or extend them to your side (“Airplane” arms). Breath normally as you continue to reach forward (or to the sides) with your arms, stretch back with one leg, and drive down with the other leg. Hold the position for at least five seconds; the longer you can hold the position, the better.

Be sure to see Chris or an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach if you have questions about this week’s PET.

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