12.17.14 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp and CrossFit Women

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Programming Notes. We’re just days away from the Winter Wonderland WOD! Join us 9 a.m., Saturday for this spirited, all-levels WOD. Bring a wrapped gift (~$10) to exchange. | EAD | CFAH Performance Fueling Prescription resource materials have been issued. If you registered and your inbox does not have an email from Coach Karen, please let her know. Register Today. | The final Training Essentials session of 2014 starts this week. Take time to introduce yourself to our newest athletes. | Free Class Challenge Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. & Saturday & 9 a.m. | Holiday Youth AD Session Registration is now open. Holiday Youth AD runs Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, December 23 – January 3, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. This program is ideal for motivated student athletes ages 8 – 15 eager to learn, practice and perfect new skills, and get stronger, faster and more powerful; train hard under the guidance of a NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach; stay active over the long holiday break; and have fun.

10:00 to find max height box jump
For time:
(Men-115#, Women-85#)
10 Press
15 OHS
20 Push Press
25 Front Squats
30 Jerks
35 Back Squats

*compare to 3.13.14

Strength & Conditioning
1 Rep Max Test Week
Clean + Jerk
Front Squat
Bench Press

Boot Camp
Come in and find out what Coach Jason has in store.

CrossFit Women
Skill | Pull Up Descents | 6-6-6-6 x 3 seconds / descent with 2′ rest between sets
Start with chin over bar, arms flexed at elbow. Lower from this position for 3 seconds (from chin over bar until arms are fully extended). Enlist support from a partner if you are not yet able to control your descent. If you can complete 4-8 Dead Hang Pull Ups, place a DB between your ankles and complete the descent. If you can complete 9 or more Dead Hang Pull Ups, complete the follow set scheme 3-5-3-5 with 2′ rest between sets.

Strength | EMOTM 8′ 3 Push Press @ 65% 1RM + 3 Hands Release Push Ups

MetCon | Four Rounds for Time
24 kcal Row
12 Front Rack Lunge Steps (35#)
12 SB Hamstring Bridges
100 Double Unders or 5′ Double Under Practice

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