12.22.14 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp, and CrossFit Women

Nic G. on his way to his first Muscle-up under the tutelage of Coach Kate.

Nic G. on his way to his first Muscle-up under the tutelage of Coach Kate.

Programming Notes. Holiday Week Schedule: Regular class schedule Monday & Tuesday. Abbreviated holiday schedule Wednesday — “12 Days of Christmas” — and Friday — “Christmas Gone Bad.” Closed Thursday. Regular class schedule resumes Saturday. | Ready to get your nutrition better aligned with your performance and body composition goals? Register Today  for the EAD | CFAH Performance Fueling Prescription.  | Free Class Challenge Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. & Saturday & 9 a.m. | Holiday Youth AD Session starts Tuesday. Registration still available.
EMOM x7:00
8 DB snatch (4 per side)

For total time, rest 2:00 between each part
1) 5 rope climbs (sub: 250m row = 1 rope climb)
2) 50 push press (95/65)
3) 100 ab mat
4) 150 double Unders (3:1 singles)

Strength & Conditioning
Jerk from rack 3-3-3
Snatch Balance 3-3-3
Deficit Deadlift 5-5-5
DB Press 3×8/75% (of BB Press)

15-12-9 reps for time of:
Heavy KB Swings
Hand Release Push ups
Atomic Sit ups

Boot Camp
Come on in and get energized for that last minute shopping!

CrossFit Women
Skill | Pull Up Descents | 6-6-6-6 x 3 seconds / descent with 2′ rest between sets
Start with chin over bar, arms flexed at elbow. Lower from this position for 3 seconds (from chin over bar until arms are fully extended). Enlist support from a partner if you are not yet able to control your descent. If you can complete 4-8 Dead Hang Pull Ups, place a DB between your ankles and complete the descent. If you can complete 9 or more Dead Hang Pull Ups, complete the follow set scheme 3-5-3-5 with 2′ rest between sets.

EMOTM 6′ | 4 Deadlift @ 65% 1RM + 4 Squat Jumps
then …
4-4-4-4 DB Press + 5×8 GHD Sit Ups

MetCon | “Annie Get Your Boat”
Row (kcals)
Unanchored Sit Ups

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