2014 Spring – Summer Schedule Now Posted.

The Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Spring-Summer Class Schedule Features the Classes You’ve Come to Love, Coached By the Highest-Credentialed and Most-Experienced Coaches in the Area.

The first full week of the 2014 Spring-Summer Class Schedule starts Monday, May 5, which is also the start of the May / June Strength & Power Cycle. RSVP for classes today!

The Spring-Summer class schedule features the classes you’ve come to love, two new classes — Powerbuilding and Strength & Power Foundations — a weeknight Mobility & Recovery class, and the return of the always challenging and fun Invasion WODs.

  • Powerbuilding — An opportunity for athletes of all levels to train for strength and size, while maintaining mobility, power and athletic performance. The class will feature barbell movements and unique training methods.
  • Strength & Power Foundations — This class will help athletes develop a solid foundation for all sports movement, and enhance athletic performance. The Strength & Power Foundations class is ideal for athletes newer to the compound barbell movements typically seen in CrossFit workouts, or who have not developed 1RM lifts, or who do not regularly incorporate strength work in their training.
  • A new Mobility & Recovery Class on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The return of Invasion WODs Sunday, May 31, 10:30 a.m. (check the website for location)
  • Summer Youth Athletic Development sessions, plus a special Training Essentials session for High School Students.2014 Spring-Summer Class Schedule
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