Affiliate Team Selections

Games09_AffiliateRunThis weekend we will be selecting the team to represent CrossFit Arlington Heights at the CF Games Regional competition in Denver, May 1 & 2.

Josh Stroufek will be the coach of the team and responsible for all decisions regarding which team members will compete in which events (every team member at the event will get a chance to compete in at least one event).

We will be selecting three men and three women to be on the team. Qualifying is as follows:

1) You must be committed to going to Denver for the event and footing the bill for your transportation, food and lodging. EAD is picking up the entry fee.

2) You must score in the top three of your gender in two workouts this weekend: "Fight Gone Bad" on Saturday and "Helen" on Sunday. We will be holding everyone to strict standards on all reps. Ranking rules will be announced on Saturday, but figure that it will be evenly weighted between the two workouts.

3) If it is impossible for you to make it this weekend and you are absolutely committed to make the trip if you can qualify, contact Jim immediately for an alternative time to do the WODs.

This will be an exciting opportunity to mix it up with the best CrossFitters in the region. Good Luck and email me directly with any questions:

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