Age Not a Barrier to Functional Fitness

Fitness Boot Camp athlete Lucerne is proof-positive that active older adults can exercise with vigor ... and a weighted bar.

The nationally certified health and fitness professionals at Arlington Heights-based Elite Athletic Development, Inc.  have declared war on the traditional group exercise class for seniors.

“Today’s senior is a vital, vibrant member of the community – until they get into a traditional group exercise class where they’re suddenly treated as if they’re old,” said Jim Inman, owner and head performance coach at Elite Athletic Development.

According to Inman, people who spend a good deal of their day seated, like many seniors, tend to develop tight hips, which limits movement and mobility, making it tough to do simple tasks like get out of a chair, climb stairs or pick up things. “The last thing these folks need is chair-based exercise. They need to be up and active, practicing the movements necessary to live a full, independent life,” said Inman. “Our active older adults experience the same elite-level training techniques we use with our endurance and student athletes, just at a different intensity.”

Seniors who participate in EAD’s Fitness Boot Camp will increase balance and flexibility, improve range of motion, tone muscles, and build strength. The class is offered at EAD’s North Arlington Heights location (12 W College Drive) and Downtown Arlington Heights location (43 S Dunton Avenue).

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