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Logo We're proud to announce a partnership with Progenex. CFAH and EAD athletes can get 10% off of a great recovery supplement. Here is there info:


PROGENEX Dairy Bioactives, Inc. represents decades of research into dairy bioactive whey fractions, peptide sequences and, more specifically, their profound regenerative properties. PROGENEX products harness the power of the most powerful naturally occurring substance in nature: milk. While our products are derived from whey protein, we are not a protein company. The foundation of our products come from the high concentrations of minute protein fragments, called dairy bioactives, that we mine from millions of gallons of non-fat milk.

Our Products Recovery & More Muscle


Reset the “Go” Signal with PROGENEX Recovery.

After a hard training session or a grueling competition, your body needs to recover—fast.  Taken within 30 minutes of a workout, PROGENEX Recovery gives your muscles exactly what they need to recover faster and stronger—so that you can do it again.  And again.

When you exercise, your muscle cells work by detecting a flow of electrical impulses from your brain.  Through a chain of events linking the nerve impulse to the contraction mechanism, calcium is released from a storage compartment inside the muscle cell, which signals the cell to “go” or contract. As you work out, the amount of calcium released from the storage compartment progressively diminishes.  Less calcium translates into weaker contractions, which in turn diminishes your strength.

For the average athlete, it can take up to three days to reset that calcium-depleted environment.  PROGENEX Recovery accelerates that reset process from days to hours, leaving you feeling strong enough to do it again.

PROGENEX Recovery is not simply a WPI, or whey protein isolate. PROGENEX Recovery has been hydrolyzed, or cut, using a proprietary enzymatic process that cuts the protein into tiny peptide sequences that can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.


Our More Muscle product literally gives you the same type of anabolic response as steroids, stimulating satellite cells and getting them to commit to become active muscle fibers.  The More Muscle product contains high concentrations of growth factors – hundreds of times more potent than anything on the market. We just completed studies with the University of Oklahoma that will show astounding results. One of the things they looked at is a couple of the gene markers that are indicative of new muscle formation from satellite cells (myoblast differentiation). The Pax 7 gene marker is a measure of satellite cell stimulation, and our product showed more than double the cells stimulated by a whey protein isolate. But once those cells were stimulated, did they actually commit to become new muscle fibers? The Syndecan 3 gene marker is a measure of the conversion of these stimulated satellite cells to myofiber, and our product shows nearly 10 times the activation – which is a quantitative measure of new muscle formation. The result is double the strength gains, as well as an increase in lean muscle mass and decrease in body fat.  Similar to PROGENEX Recovery, PROGENEX More Muscle is specially formulated for fast absorption. PROGENEX More Muscle is powered by Promyosin,™ a whey protein that is significantly refined, or cut, so that it can enter your bloodstream fast.


The faster protein is in your bloodstream, the faster it gets to your muscles, helping to produce the gains you want.  It takes up to five hours for whole proteins, such as beef, chicken, or fish, to get into your bloodstream.  PROGENEX More Muscle is in your bloodstream in minutes.



A few testimonials from some of CrossFit’s top athletes.

Ryan Moody, world record holder in box jump:

After meeting you all as a competitor at the Utah/Nevada Crossfit sectionals, and trying the recovery supplements I was blown away by both how PROGENEX represents itself and how well the product helps me to recover!! UNLIKE ANYTHING I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!

Spencer Hendel:

I use Progenex after my intense workouts.  I have found that with all the training I do in a week, it helps me recover faster.  Recovering faster is essential in any athletes training, especially when he/she is working hard six days a week.  Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements can play a huge factor in the sense of recovery and your performance on the playing field.

Miranda Oldroyd:

So far, my experience with Progenex has been phenomenal.  I really noticed a difference in my recovery at the Utah/Nevada CrossFit Sectionals.  We did three workouts the first day and 1 the second.  I took the Progenex Recovery between all of them and felt 100% for each one.

I have done other things that have worked well for recovery in the past, but the Progenex has made a difference in how soon I feel recovered after hard WODs.  In addition, I typically have a weak stomach and the Progenex has really helped with that on days where I am trying to do multiple workouts.  Not as much Pukie I guess you could say.

I am excited to continue using the Recovery and other Progenex products as I prepare for Regionals in May.

Rob Orlando:  

I am taking PROGENEX Recovery supplement and I love the effects. I feel like it restores my muscular system immediately.  My ability to work out even on days when I should be demolished is exactly what I am looking for.

Jason Khalipa:

The Progenex Recovery supplement allows me to train several times a day for 5-6 days straight and not feel nearly as beat down and sore as I used to feel.  The movements that used to make me sore and in pain for days now simply make those body parts feel "tight" in comparison to sore.

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