April May Strength & Power Cycle Delivers More Than 100 PRs!

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Strength & Power Cycle Delivers Improved Performance for the Competitive and Everyday Athlete.

New Strength & Power and Powerbuilding Cycles Start May 5.

Dozens of EAD | CFAH athletes who committed to Coach Scott’s challenging and clever five-week Strength & Power programming delivered more than 100 PRs during 1RM Week. Both newer and more experienced athletes logged PRs, with some even earning a spot on the EAD | CFAH Wall of Fame including Master’s athlete Lynn Mc with an amazing 1,105-pound CrossFit Total (410-pound Back Squat, 175-pound Press and 545-pound Deadlift), and George L with a 55″ Box Jump.

Congrats to the April | May Strength & Power crew on your accomplishments — whether improved technique, confidence gained or logging a new 1RM. We’re proud of all you achieved!2014StrengthandPowerPRsAprilMayThe next Strength & Power Cycle starts the week of May 5, and once again features some challenging and fun twists and turns. New this cycle is programming for three distinct athlete segments: beginning strength, continuing strength, and mass gain. The programming for each segment will help athletes develop a solid foundation for all sports movement, and enhance sports performance. Athletes looking for improvements in the Olympic lifts, hardcore conditioning, and continued gains in strength should follow the Strength & Power or Strength & Power Foundations programming. Athletes interested in increased size and strength should follow the Powerbuilding programming.

    • Strength & Power is ideal for athletes who have established 1RM lifts, and who regularly incorporate strength work in their training schedule.
    • Strength & Power Foundations is ideal for athletes newer to the compound barbell movements typically seen in CrossFit workouts, or who have not developed 1RM lifts, or who do not regularly incorporate strength work in their training. Strength & Power Foundations will provide athletes with better technique, strength gains, and useful data for future cycles.
    • Powerbuilding is an opportunity for athletes of all levels to train for strength and size, while maintaining mobility, power and athletic performance.

Athlete who commit to the Strength & Power or Powerbuilding Cycle should plan to attend class three days per week (Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, or Friday/Saturday). Programming is posted in the EAD | CFAH Athlete Center. Questions? See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.






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