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Summer Strength & Conditioning Cycle Starts Next Week!

The new Strength & Conditioning Cycle — programmed by Coach Kate — kicks off the week of July 24. This is a general strength cycle featuring the Olympic Lifts and short, varied conditioning.

If you don’t have current 1RMs, or if this is your first Strength & Conditioning Cycle (ever, or in several months), no worries … an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach will help you establish working ranges. Questions? See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.

Welcome, Coach Sammy Jo!

Please join us as we welcome Sammy Jo Mahler to the EAD | CFAH Performance Coaching Team!

Sammy Jo is a USA Swimming Certified Coach and an NCAA All-American Swimmer. She has been a member of the EAD | CFAH training community since 2011 and is an accomplished CrossFit athlete, competitive pole dancer, and aerial arts enthusiast. She recently placed 3rd at her first bodybuilding show (Figure division).

In addition to coaching at EAD | CFAH, Sammy Jo is an assistant coach at CATS Aquatic Team. She is studying for her NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and her USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification.

Sammy Jo is currently finishing her orientation process and will be a regular on the class schedule in the coming weeks.

05.29.17 | Memorial Day 2017








9 a.m. | Open Gym

9 a.m. | Boot Camp
Team Tire Flip Up & Over
Rest 2′

1′ Weighted Wall Sit
Row 1000m
Run 800m
Rest 2′
1′ Hollow Hold
50 AbMat Sit Ups
50 Ball Over Shoulder
Rest 2′
1′ Weighted Basement Hold
Row 500m
Run 400m
Rest 2′
1′ Plank Hold
50 KB Swings (53 / 35)