Free Tai Chi Class | American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart Fundraiser

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Join us Saturday, Feb. 24, at 10:15 a.m., for a Free Tai Chi Class led by EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist and certified tai chi instructor, Chris Arce. The class is open to current EAD | CFAH athletes and their guests.

The class is part of the EAD | CFAH Training Community support of the American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart fundraiser. The event, run in conjunction with the Buffalo Grove High School National Honor Society, kicked off last Saturday with a fun family fitness event that raised more than $1,200 dollars in two hours.

Register Today. Free Tai Chi Class to Benefit American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart ($15 donation encouraged).

Tai chi is a graceful form of exercise often described as meditation in motion. The gentle, flowing motions of tai chi help reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance, improve circulation, and develop better posture. An ancient Chinese tradition, tai chi started as a form of martial arts, but has become a popular form of low-impact exercise. According to the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Arlington Heights, regular tai chi practice can also benefit tendons, joints, spine, connective tissue and internal organs.

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Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open!

Athletes from across the globe will put their training to the test during the five-week 2018 CrossFit Open … including athletes from the EAD | CFAH training community.

All EAD | CFAH athletes will have the chance to complete the CrossFit Open workouts February 22 – March 22 during Friday CrossFit classes, and the 7 a.m., Saturday, CrossFit class. Registered athletes may also complete the workout during any Open Gym, but must schedule another athlete to judge / score the workout.

Put Your Training to the Test. Register for the 2018 CrossFit Open.

The EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will supplement and / or modify the weekly workouts so every athlete has a great training experience on Fridays during Open season.

Check Out the EAD | CFAH Class Schedule.

To add a bit of fun and excitement to Open season this year, we’re introducing Face Off Thursday. Come out on Thursday evenings and cheer on two EAD | CFAH athletes as they complete the just-announced Open workout. Face Off Thursday is open to all EAD | CFAH athletes, whether registered for the CrossFit Open or not. Email if you’re ready to accept the Face Off Thursday challenge.

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2018 CrossFit Games Leaderboard
CrossFit Games 2018 Open Workouts

Registration Now Open for Free Indoor Rowing Workshop.

Register today for the free rowing workshop. The workshop is open to new & experienced rowers.

New to indoor rowing? Looking to perfect your rowing form and technique? Interested in donating to the American Heart Association? Join Coach Karen, Concept2 Certified Rowing Instructor, on Saturday, Feb. 10. The Rowing Skills Development Workshop is part of the EAD | CFAH Community Work Heart Play Heart fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. EAD | CFAH has joined forces with the Buffalo Grove High School National Honor Society to host the event.

There is no charge for this 30-minute workshop, but a $10 donation — cash or check made out to the American Heart Association only, please — is encouraged.

Register Today for the Rowing Skills Development Workshop | An AHA Work Heart Play Heart Fundraiser.

Rowing is one of the movement stations for the Work Heart Play Heart fundraising event, so please encourage your friends & relatives who will join us Saturday, Feb. 17 to register for this workshop. Questions? Please email Coach Karen at

Register Today for American Heart Month Family Fitness Event.

Invite your friends to join us for this free, family-friendly event.

Work Heart Play Heart at EAD | CFAH Saturday, Feb. 17.

Join the EAD | CFAH Health & Fitness Community, and the Buffalo Grove High School National Honor Society, Students, Faculty & Staff as we celebrate American Heart Month with a special, family-friendly / all-ages workout event on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Register Now For American Heart Month Family Fitness Event.

The event is free for all EAD | CFAH Athletes and Visitors. A $15 donation to the American Heart Association is encouraged — cash or check, please (no credit cards).

The free, thirty-minute workout created by the nationally-certified EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will challenge experienced CrossFit athletes. And, the workout will encourage people of all ages and fitness levels new to the EAD | CFAH training community to safely try something fun and different. Community members new to EAD | CFAH are required to complete a Participation Waiver.

Learn More.

Keep an eye on the EAD | CFAH Facebook Event Page, the EAD | CFAH YouTube Channel, and EAD | CFAH Web Site for regular event updates.

Contribute. Sponsor. Donate.

If you or your business would like to support the American Heart Association Family Fitness Event with food & beverage to keep our athletes going, silent auction items or raffle prizes, please contact Coach Karen at or 847.431.4230. Or, if you can’t join us February 17, mail your donation (check payable to the American Heart Association) to:

American Heart Association Family Fitness Event
c/0 Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights
12 West College Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Can’t Wait Until February 17?

If you’d like to experience the Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Training Experience before February 17, Register Today for our Free Class Challenge on Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m.

Winter 1 2018 Strength & Conditioning Cycle Starts This Week.

No better way to start 2018 than with a barbell in hand.

The first Strength & Conditioning Cycle of 2018 kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 2, and there is no better way to start the new year.

Olympic Lift Technique. Custom Strength Work. CrossFit Open Prep.

The dual aim of the Winter 1 Cycle is to help athletes of all levels improve  Olympic Lift technique and help them prepare for the CrossFit Open. In addition, EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will work with each athlete to supplement the scheduled lift with accessory movements specific to their development needs.

Programming will feature a three-day lift schedule, with Open Gym always available for athletes who miss a workout.

  • Monday / Tuesday. Lighter weights; emphasis on speed, technique, and conditioning. Think loads of < 70% 1RM.
  • Wednesday / Thursday. Heavier weights; loads will build & volume will decrease. Think loads of >80% 1RM.
  • Friday / Saturday. Medium weights; always expect at least one barbell complex.

If you’re crunched for time, the Olympic Lifts take priority. Athletes are encouraged to supplement the Winter 1 Strength & Conditioning Cycle with one or two CrossFit, Boot Camp or Rowing workouts per week. Ideally, athletes will complete Strength & Conditioning classes on Monday – Wednesday – Friday, and CrossFit, Boot Camp, or Rowing Boot Camp classes on some combination of Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday.

A Focus On Individualized Skill + Accessory Work.

Whether you plan to accept the challenge of the CrossFit Open or not, be ready to see plenty of Pull Ups and TTB work — two movements featured in the CrossFit Open every year — in this Strength & Conditioning Cycle. Spend time talking with EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches on the most productive progression for you.

In addition, the EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will help you isolate and include accessory work most beneficial to achieving your performance goals. And, if you’re newer to the Strength & Conditioning class, a performance coach will help you get started.

Set Your January – February – March Performance Goals.

Take time to set your first quarter goals. Coach Karen will meet with you in person or by phone. Don’t miss this opportunity for Results. Not Resolutions.

It’s About Results. Not Resolutions.

Do More than Resolve. Make 2018 the Year You Achieve.

People who make New Year’s Resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t [1]. Yet 75 percent of resolution setters abandon their goals within just seven days [2]. Make 2018 the year you squat squarely with the 25 percent of people who keep their resolutions to Day 8 and beyond. Join the Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Community as we commit to Results. Not Resolutions.

Schedule your free goal-setting consultation with Coach Karen today.

New EAD | CFAH Athletes Eligible for Special 2018 Kick-Start Training Package.

Get Started. Complete Your 3-2-1 Goal! Planning Templates Today.

We’re confident you’ll achieve sustainable change—within the confines of EAD | CFAH, and throughout your life—if you commit to Results. Not Resolutions. Start the EAD | CFAH Results. Not Resolutions. program by completing the 3-2-1 Goal! Planning Templates. The first template will help isolate training goals, 3-2-1 Goals! Worksheet, and the second, 3-2-1 Goal! Training Schedule, will help build a realistic training calendar.

Results. Not Resolutions. Areas of Focus.

We based the EAD | CFAH Results. Not Resolutions. program on our more than 150,000 athlete training hours with students, adults and seniors, plus the latest training protocols from collegiate and professional sports research. The program areas of focus are:

  1. Goal Setting. Research shows that people who set aggressive—yet realistic—goals, accomplish more than those who set more modest goals. Be sure to set up time with Coach Karen if you’d like suggestions on how to set goals, or if you have questions on how to build your 12-week training program.
  2. Strength Training. Strength training is unique in its ability to increase power, force and speed; build muscle mass; drive metabolic efficiency; and improve body composition. Shake up your training schedule and commit to the upcoming Strength & Conditioning Cycle. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Skill Development & Mobility + Recovery Work. The EAD | CFAH Training Imperative is Work + Recovery = Results; cheat either side of the equation and your results will suffer. Period. Not sure where to begin? See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach for suggestions. And, check in with our resident physical therapist, Chris Arce, for your free movement screen.
  4. Technique & Movement Quality. Strive for exceptional movement quality, form and technique, and full-range-of-motion, from the minute you start the Dynamic Warm Up to your very last rep in the WOD to Cool Down. No shortcuts. No cheats.
  5. Performance Fueling. Most people in this country are overfed, yet under-nourished. Don’t be one of them. Schedule an individual nutrition assessment with Coach Karen, a certified sports nutrition specialist. She’ll work with you to reinforce what you’re doing right, and encourage the changes consistent with your training goals.

Embrace Your Resources.

Making change—any change—requires organization and perseverance, and demands grace. Take full advantage of the resources available to you throughout the EAD | CFAH Community. Regularly check in with Performance Coaches. Connect with fellow athletes. Acknowledge progress. Celebrate success. Seek out support to help you recover from potential setbacks. And most importantly, commit that 2018 will be the year to achieve your best.


[1] Journal of Clinical Psychology
[2] University of Scranton

Achieve Your Fitness Goals at EAD | CFAH. New Athlete Starter Package Now Available.

EAD | CFAH Nationally-Certified Performance Coaches Will Build the Program to Help You Reach Your 2018 Training Goals.

Established in 2008, EAD’s CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit Arlington Heights, is one of the top six longest running CrossFit Affiliates in Illinois… and still operated by the original owners.

“Every day” and competitive athletes have a new reason to set and achieve their training goals with the Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Health & Fitness Community: they’ll receive  a special training “kick start” package.

Save Big On A Full-Service Health & Fitness Package.

Athletes new to EAD | CFAH will save $300 on the New Athlete Class Package … that’s less than $8 / class hour to train with the highest credentialed, most experienced performance coaches in the area.

The New Athlete Class Package includes:

Read what athletes have to say about training at EAD | CFAH here.

EAD | CFAH Training Essentials is a two-week / six-class session featuring instruction, skill development & practice, training sessions, and more. Training Essentials is offered Monday-Tuesday-Thursday at 5:30 a.m. – 6:30 a.m. OR Monday-Tuesday-Thursday at 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. The next Training Essentials session starts the week of January 8. Athletes who claim the New Athlete Starter Package are encouraged to register for one of the following Training Essentials sessions:  January 8, January 22, February 5 or February 19. Once athletes complete Training Essentials, they are eligible to join in any of the more than 60 classes offered each week at EAD | CFAH.

Check out our Results. Not Resolutions. Program.

Encourage your friends & family members to claim the New Athlete Class Package today! Questions? Email

Community. Experience. Results.

Performance Enhancement Technique | Spiderman Crawl Modification.

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce and Coach Karen demonstrate a Spiderman Crawl modification.


EAD | CFAH resident PT Chris Arce & Coach Karen demonstrate a modification to the Spiderman Crawl in this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

The Spiderman Crawl is one of the more challenging movements in the EAD | CFAH Dynamic Warm Up. Some athletes skip the Spiderman Crawl in fear of holding up the line. Or, they replace the movement with a hybrid of a high hip Spiderman and Bear Crawl.

Instead, athletes working to develop a full Spiderman Crawl should try the modified version demonstrated in this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

Step out of the Dynamic Warm Up line and complete 8 – 10 repetitions per leg of the modification until you master the movement.

The Spiderman Crawl helps improve hip extension, shoulder stability, core strength, and overall coordination. Be sure to see Chris or an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach if you have questions about this week’s PET.

Check out EAD | CFAH athlete Nic G demonstrating the fully-developed Spiderman Crawl.


PRs Aplenty at the Winter 2017 EAD | CFAH Powerlifting Meet.

Congrats to All Competitors | Watch for Info on the Spring 2018 Powerlifting Meet

The months of dedicated training, steadfast commitment, and perfected technique paid off for the 25 athletes who competed at the Winter 2017 EAD | CFAH Powerlifting Meet.  Athletes rang the PR Bell throughout the morning amid cheers from fellow EAD | CFAH Athletes, and family & friends. All competitors earned bragging rights, with the top three men and women who posted the heaviest combined loads across the Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift taking home a trophy. The December 9 competition culminates the Fall 2017 Strength & Conditioning Cycle programmed by Coach Kate.

Congrats to the podium finishers (from left): Christine B, Sara M, Sammy Jo, Nick J, Mike E, and David K. Check out more photos from Saturday’s event on the EAD | CFAH Facebook Page.

Saturday’s event ran similar to an “official” Powerlifting meet, but in a much friendlier and far more familiar environment. Check out the Deadlift portion of the event on the EAD | CFAH YouTube Channel. Athletes competed in divisions based on gender and weight class athletes. Athletes in the 40-plus division received a handicap in increments of five years (40-44, 45-49, and so on). Job well done by Saturday’s competitors: Adam, Alex J, Ann Marie N, Beth R, Casey J, Christine B, David K, Eitan, John S, Jonathon B, Julian, Julie M, Lauren K, Lucy, Mike E, Michelle G, Mike Mu, Nic G, Nick J, Nina, Bob Da, Sammy Jo, Sara M, Tom H and Todd N. Thanks to Coach Kate for running the meet, and Coaches Web, Jeff, Jim and Jason for serving as judges. A special shout out to Hannah A for taking pictures.

What’s Next

The Strength & Conditioning Cycle for December will be similar to the recent cycle, with the new cycle programmed by Coack Kate launching January 2. The Winter months are the perfect time to focus on Strength & Conditioning. The programming is always featured as part of the daily workout posting. Not sure if the Strength & Conditioning class is for you? Check in with an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.



12.04.17 | Performance Enhancement Technique: Inverted Hamstring

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce (right) and athlete Julie M demonstrate the Inverted Hamstring.

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce & our very own Julie M demonstrate this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique.

Whether you call it Warrior 3 or Inverted Hamstring, this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique will improve balance, stability and strength. Check out this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

Complete 16 slow, precise repetitions of the position following your workout. Since no equipment is needed for Inverted Hamstring, work in a few reps when you’re away from EAD | CFAH, too.

Inverted Hamstring is best done in bare feet to give your toes a chance to grip the ground, and encourage you to connect to your base of support.

Build Inverted Hamstring from the ground up, with your feet roughly hip distance apart. Stand straight, and load your balance leg, keeping a bit of softness in the knee. Hold your chest tall, slowly tip forward, and stretch your opposing leg away from your torso. Reach your arms forward (“Superman” arms) or extend them to your side (“Airplane” arms). Breath normally as you continue to reach forward (or to the sides) with your arms, stretch back with one leg, and drive down with the other leg. Hold the position for at least five seconds; the longer you can hold the position, the better.

Be sure to see Chris or an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach if you have questions about this week’s PET.