Trading the Corporate Ladder for an Agility Ladder.

“Do you miss it?”

That’s what people frequently ask when they discover I left behind a 25 plus-year high-heeled climb of the corporate ladder for a pair of Innov8s, a pony-tail and small business ownership. My response? The sassy paycheck was nice, but the payoff from being part of Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis  is much richer.  

Success in public relations is defined by how much a campaign impacts the attitudes and behavior of the target audience. Did the campaign sell more pizza, move more barrels of beer, increase worker productivity, or promote positive media coverage? 

Skilled coaching, sweat, sacrifice, shared experience and success help make the EAD Community experience priceless.

We’re concerned with return on investment at EAD, too. But the metrics we track are far more meaningful because they are — consistent with our mission — unique to the individual. There’s the former bodybuilder who can raise his arms over head for the first time in years, and who now understands that being able to move is more important than striking a pose. Or the 74 year-old woman who regales the ladies in her knitting club and bible study group about her recent deadlift PR. Or the older sister of a collegiate athlete, who prior to EAD, never exercised (that was her sister’s “thing”) and who recently completed two half-marathons and is currently training for her first marathon. Or the women who have put their lives on hold – for husbands, kids, careers, elder care and life in general – and thanks to their EAD experience, rediscover the very essence of who they are. Strong. Powerful. Capable. And able to conquer just about any physical or mental challenge they confront.  

The physical changes are impressive. But the mental transformations—those singular moments when someone accomplishes something they never dreamed possible—are truly what I find inspiring. The combination of hard work, dedication, education, camaraderie and support make the EAD experience priceless.