Competition Wednesday l August Series Update.

The Competition Wednesday l August Series Leader Board after Week # 1 & #2.

The Competition Wednesday l August Series Leader Board after Week # 1 & #2.

It’s a new month and that means a fresh Leaderboard — and fresh faces — for the Competition Wednesday Series.

Bill M, a recent Training Essentials grad, and Jason G, a Tandem Throwdown competitor who transferred to EAD / CFAH last week, left their mark on the August Series Leaderboard. Bill earned three points for his “Barbie” performance, and Jason G leveraged his experience from the Tandem Throwdown Finals to edge Mike Ku in the August 14 workout. Coach Jim modified “Tandem Throwdown Redeux” from a partner to a singles workout for the Competition Wednesday l August Series.

Competition through the first two August workouts is a bit thin in the Women’s Division, with just four women completing the WODs “Rx”. June & July Champ Mary Kate — fresh from her third place finish with partner Scott C at the Tandem Throwdown — is currently tied with Kate K for first place, and Michelle W and Kristen J, are tied for second. C’mon ladies of EAD / CFAH … it is time to challenge yourself and give “Rx” a try!

Competition Wednesday is a friendly, in-house competition to encourage EAD / CFAH athletes to challenge themselves and attack the CrossFit Benchmark or Hero Workouts without scaling. All athletes who complete the Wednesday MetCon as prescribed, or “Rx”, will be scored and ranked for awards at the end of each month. Points are awarded for the top three finishers, plus for every athlete who completed the WOD “Rx”.

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