Competition Wednesday l Week 3 Standings.

And it all comes down to Wednesday, July 31.

A single CrossFit benchmark or Hero WOD will determine the Competition Wedensday l July Series winners after the three prior fierce contests leave the leader board in a virtual tie in the women’s division, and a head-to-head battle in the men’s division.

Fernando leveraged his first place finishes in “Jack” and “The Chief”, plus his second place finish in “Grace” and Rx Points for “Helen”, to sneak past Mike Ku, who missed two WODs due to business travel. Mike Ku needs a first place finish in the final July WOD, and for Fernando to finish no better than third, to earn consecutive Competition Wednesday titles. Johnny Z, Josh Ru and Andy S are tied for third place, and a stellar performance from any of the three could be just the spoiler Mike Ku needs, and will determine who earns bragging rights for finishing in the top three for the month.

The July series women’s division champ could be one of five competitors. Heather C holds the top spot on the leader board for the fourth consecutive week with 8.5 points. But Mary Kate and Kate K have closed the gap to .5 and 1.5 points respectively, after tying for first on last week’s WOD, “The Chief.” Also within striking distance for top honors this month are Jessica R and Sammy.

And it all comes down to one WOD. Who will take top honors in the Competition Wednesday l July Series?

And it all comes down to one WOD. Who will take top honors in the Competition Wednesday l July Series?

Leaders in Rx Points are Tim Ma, John S and Mike O’ in the men’s division, and Ashley B, Kristen P and Melaine M. “Rx Points,” a suggestion courtesy of EAD / CFAH athlete Mike O’, is new to the Competition Wednesday l July Series and will be awarded to every athlete who completes the WOD without scaling.

All athletes who complete the Wednesday MetCon as prescribed, or “Rx”, will be scored and ranked for awards at the end of each month. This friendly, in-house competition is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and attack the CrossFit Benchmark Workouts without scaling. Take a chance … you may just surprise yourself.

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