Countdown to the Summer 2012 Paleo Challenge: The Manifesto Collection.

Contributed by Coach Karen

Paleo Plate composition is colorful, abundant, satisfying, healthy and sans the Western dietary staples of dairy, grains and legumes. Most of the questions we field at the start of our 30 Day Paleo Challenge center on why theses foods are on the “No” list. The good folks at Whole9 posted four easy-to-read articles, or what they call “manifestos”, on why there is no place on the Paleo plate for these foods.

Take a moment to read the manifestos to satisfy your curiosity. Then read them again to prepare yourself for the inevitable barrage of questions from loved ones, friends and co-workers who will grill you on why you’re ignoring conventional wisdom force-fed to us by everyone from the USDA to registered dietitians, popular magazines to Dr. Oz, and your family physician to Grandma. If questions remain after you read the manifestos, or you need reinforcement to deal with the poo-pooers and naysayers, reach out … we’re happy to help!

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