CrossFit Women WOD l 05.09 p.m. & 05.10 a.m.

Licia in the zone as she works her pre-clean shrug.

Pull Up Progression l Milestone One

Then …

Two by Two

One partner is the Pacesetter and the other is the Mover. Partners rotate between stations until each completes all Mover Stations. In the event of an odd number of athletes, the lone athlete will shadow one of the duos.

Pacesetter Options l You can switch options every round

  • Treadmill run at 2.0 incline and max speed for 2 minutes — pace should be challenging!
  • 250m Run w/ 12# GB
  • 500m Row

Mover Stations l Each partner must complete all four stations

  • SB Hamstring Bridge
  • DB Push Press (weight is challenging … you shouldn’t be able to Press)
  • AbMat Sit Ups
  • OH Plate Lunges (15#)



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