CrossFit Women WOD l 05.30 p.m. & 05.31 a.m.

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This Week in CrossFit Women History*

Pull Up Progression Week 4 lPartner Tempo Pull  Ups (3-0-1-1)

  • Pre-Requisite: Negative Pull Up*
  • Standards: Begin with chin over bar and  lower to a straight arm hang (3 seconds). Without pausing at the bottom, return to chin over bar (1 second); rest in a bent arm hang (1 second); repeat six times; rest 2 minutes between sets. Your partner can provide limited assistance at the bottom range of motion.
  • Milestone: 3 sets of 6 reps

* Successful completion of a smooth 30 second, bodyweight negative pull up. If you’ve not achieved the pre-req, continue to work on previous progressions.

“Annie” l 20 minute cap


Double Unders (4:1)

Sit Ups

Rest Two Minutes

Unbroken Max Reps l KB Swings

Rest Two Minutes

Unbroken Max Reps l Burpees

*Compare to 05.26.11

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