CrossFit Women WOD l 06.11 p.m. & 06.12 a.m.

Coach Josh & Coach Kristen talk through the finer points of the Deadlift with the Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. Strength & Power class.

The Spirit of Ragnar WOD
Teams of two or more will complete the following movements relay-style. One or more team member will complete the five “Pacesetter” stations while the other team member(s) complete the movement stations. Once the team member(s) complete the five “Pacesetter” stations, they will switch positions with the team member(s) at the movement stations.

Pacesetter / Run 250m
+ Ball Slams

Pacesetter / 25 Burpees
+ OH Plate Lunges (25#)

Pacesetter / 25 Broad Jumps
+ AbMat Sit Ups

Pacesetter / 5 Wall Walks or 10 Wall Kick Ups
+ Pull Ups

Pacesetter / Row 250m
+ Body Weight Squats

Pull Up Progression Week 6 l Weighted Negative Pull Ups

  • Pre-Requisite: Partner Tempo Pull Up (3-0-1-1)*
  • Standards: Place an 8# DB between your legs and slowl lower from a chin over bar position to a straight arm hang
  • Milestone: A controlled 30 second descent; complete two sets with two minutes rest between sets + 2 sets x 4 reps of the Partner Tempo Pull Ups

* Successful completion of a smooth 30 second, body weight negative pull up. If you’ve not achieved the pre-req, continue to work on previous progressions


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