CrossFit Women WOD l 10.01 p.m. & 10.02 a.m.

From the CFAH Archives / March, 2011. A testament to commitment, consistency and the courage to challenge yourself. Mary Kate started with the EAD Fitness Boot Camp Program, went on to CrossFit Women (top), and is now a certified fire-breather who regularly aces MetCon and Strength & Power WODs (bottom).

Skill & Technique l Squat Snatch
Work up to a challenging weight — Focus on form & landing in a full squat.

Five Rounds l For Total Sit Ups*

20 KB Swings (30# /25#)
20 Squats (Butt to Ball)
AMRAP Anchored Sit-ups

Each Round Lasts 2′ 3″ w/ 30″ Rest Between Rounds
Score = Total # of Anchored Sit-Ups

* Compare to 03.10.11

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