CrossFit Women WOD l 10.31 p.m. & 11.01 a.m.

If — right at this very moment — one or more of these Monsters is perched in your pantry, earn the following rep prime:
> 2 reps per round for Boo Berry
> 5 reps per round for FrankenBerry
> 10 reps per round for Count Chocula

Monster Mash
In a ghoulish twist, you must use one barbell to complete the following movements; there is no stripping / resetting of plates during the WOD. Focus on form & mechanics in all movements. Take time to practice each lift to ensure you have a challenging — yet acheiveable — weight for each.
>  Deadlift
>  Squat Clean
>  Front Squat
>  Push Press
>  Back Squat

The Monster Mash is a 15 Minute AMRAP  for Total Rounds + Stranded Reps. Aim for unbroken on the barbell movements — once you pick up the barbell for the Deadlifts, you don’t set it down until the Burpees.

6 Deadlifts

6 Squat Cleans

6 Front Squat

6 Push Press

6 Back Squat

6 Burpees

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