CrossFit Women WOD l 10.31 p.m. & 11.01 a.m.

Who is that vision of beauty, speed, strength & power sandwiched between two EAD men, and what is she doing? It's Kelly B during Sunday's 10:30 a.m. CrossFit Fitness Boot Camp WOD at EAD North / CFAH. You just never know what Coach Jim has in store, but it is always challenging & fun. Join us!

Skill Review l Clean & Jerk + Shoulder Series

Three Rounds Unbroken (Bar Never Hits the Floor)

3 l Shoulder Press

5 l Push Press

7 l Push Jerk

Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Then …

Every 30 seconds for 7 minutes complete the following couplet:

1 Clean & Jerk + 1 Bar Hop Burpee



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