EAD Athletes Stroke Success at CIRC 2011.

EAD fielded three top 10 finishers in the Veteran Men division at the 2011 Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships. Pictured are Tom S, 5th place and Phillip Aschoff, 1st place Lightweight. Also entered from EAD were Rick T, Coach Jim and Al W, who PR'd his 2000m by more than 20 seconds.

Elite Athletic Development was the single largest organization represented at the Saturday, Feb. 26 Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships, excluding college / university / prep school rowing teams. It was hard to turn your head and not see one of our bright green shirts, boldly stating “High Speed Inboard Performance Engines Provided By CrossFit Arlington Heights” on the front, and the EAD Endurance Team logo on the back. But we weren’t just mighty in numbers—we delivered results. Scroll down for videos.

The EAD men — who have no on-water rowing experience and competed against seasoned rowers — placed third in the 2011 Open Challenge. The Open Challenge averages the top five individual 2000m times and combines them with performance in a five-person 2500m relay. The team, comprised of Kevin T, Josh R, Rory, Eric N & Josh S, was bested by just 22 seconds by the Michigan State University Collegiate Rowing Team. The EAD women’s team featuring Becky, Sammy, Karen SI, Kristen and Amy Pr, placed fifth.

Fifty-two EAD athletes registered, trained and fully intended to compete at the 13th annual event … until worked called, kids got sick, or a nasty cold / flu bug hit. Forty-two EAD athletes ultimately raced the 2000m individual event; some opted to also race the 500m sprint. The results were impressive:
• Six athletes earned medals
• Seven athletes placed top 5
• 12 athletes placed top 12
• Multiple athletes logged PRs in the 2000m, 500m and the 500m relay split
• Multiple athletes competed for the first time … not just in a rowing event, but ANY
competitive athletic event

Congratulations to all our athletes! Remember: It’s never too early to start to think about  CIRC 2012!

Check out videos from the 2011 CIRC Men’s & Women’s Open Challenge Relay. Thanks to Jim & Bill M for keeping the racers’ feet in the foot flexors … no time to strap in during a relay!

2011 CIRC Women’s Open Challenge

2011 CIRC Men’s Open Challenge

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