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This post is contributed by EAD / CFAH Athlete John O’, who started training with us in November 2011. John’s second WOD after graduating Training Essentials (then known as OnRamp) was the Thanksgiving favorite “Earn Your Seconds,” which he did with his usual flair, and has every year since. You can usually find John O’ training with the early morning crew weekdays and on Saturday mornings. This week John O’ PR’d his Bench Press, and anticipates the same for his Deadlift Saturday. Have a thought or two you’d like to share with your fellow athletes? Let us know … we’d love to hear from you!


Has life intervened and disrupted your training routine? EAD / CFAH Athlete John O’ says stop thinking about it and just come back.

I have been an active member of Elite Athletic Development | Crossfit Arlington Heights for more than two years and I have met many amazing people. I love how many people I recognize and run into around town who I first met at EAD | CFAH.  When I run into someone I haven’t seen for a while, the inevitable question arises, “Are you still going to CrossFit?” I say quickly “Yes”, and then ask them the same question. If the person says “no”, it is almost always quickly followed by, “I would like to, but I’m nervous to start up again.” If you’ve said those words before, or you know someone who has, this post is for you.

Everyone has a lot going on these days; work, kids, travel, injury, and more get in the way of our ideal training plans. When your program gets disrupted, I encourage you to come back to EAD | CFAH and start up again as soon as you can. Stop thinking about it and just come to one class. Is it going to be awesome? Probably not. You have to get your body adjusted to the new regimen. But I promise you that everything will come back quicker than before and you will be happy you started up again.

JohnODropQuoteLast summer I was unable to come to any classes due to eye surgery. Coming back was the scariest and most nerve-wracking thing I have experienced in a long time. Typical thoughts were that I was going to be embarrassed by being so slow, being last, being fat, throwing up, struggling mightily, etc. Stop thinking and just come back for one class, and follow these three rules as first told to me by Coach Rory.

1.  Show Up. 90 percent of accomplishing anything is putting yourself in a position to succeed. At EAD | CFAH, just show up. The coaches will take care of you.

2.  Do What You Can Do. CrossFit is about challenging yourself and your self-imposed limits. The EAD | CFAH coaches are not interested in having you hurt yourself or attempt things you are not ready for. What they are looking for is a desire to get better and an honest, all-out effort. Do what you can do by easing into the different exercises and weights. The EAD | CFAH Community will support you, challenge you, and congratulate you.

3.  Keep Coming Back. We did not get out of shape overnight, so why would getting back into shape be any different? It’s a process that gets you better each and every time you come back.

I’ve yet to find my name at the top of the whiteboard for finishing a workout first in the two years since I’ve done CrossFit, so I know what it feels like to struggle (and seemingly survive) some of the classes. But I always feel that the coaches have my back. They are always supportive and will modify any workout you don’t feel you can complete safely. I have also come to appreciate the amazing support of the EAD | CFAH Community. As a struggling and novice CrossFit athlete, I can always count on my classmates to cheer me on to the finish and congratulate me. It’s all about the process of improvement and getting better so why not have a crowd of positive, energetic and great people encourage you? Come back to Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights and let us cheer you on.

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