Free! Mobility & Recovery Classes Sept. 6th & 8th.

It may be the most beneficial class offered at Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights you’ve never tried. Register today and join us for a free Mobility & Recovery class Thursday, Sept. 6, 7:30 p.m. or Saturday, Sept. 8, 8 a.m.

If you’re not as flexible as this athlete — have you seen him ride his horse? — it is time to get in to a Mobility & Recovery class.

Participating athletes credit the Mobility & Recovery class with improved WOD performance, strength gains, and faster recovery post-WOD. What they practice in class becomes part of their pre- and post-WOD ritual. And according to Becky Rivard, EAD / CFAH senior performance coach, athletic trainer and corrective exercise specialist, these athletes are better able to fully realize and apply their strength thanks to improved flexibility and increased range of motion.

“People have great intentions, but most don’t take time to really dig in and work the issues impacting their ability to move through a full range of motion. The Mobility & Recovery class forces that discipline,” said Coach Becky. “We talk about why you have difficulty squatting to depth, locking out during an overhead squat, pressing without shoulder pain, or other movement restrictions. Then we work through a series of movement therapies during class, plus send you away with things you can do at home, or before and after class.”

Coach Becky structures each class around the movement issues she observes bothering athletes during MetCon or Strength & Power classes, and she takes requests from class participants.

“Without question flexibility and mobility will improve with focused effort. And those improvements will pay off during the WOD and throughout your day,” said Coach Becky.

Register for the FREE Mobility & Recovery class today. Space is limited. Have something you’d like to see Coach Becky address during a Mobility & Recover class? Email her at

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