Happy Anniversary, EAD / CFAH Athletes!

Stars in the form of confettiHappy Anniversary to the athletes who joined the EAD / CFAH Community during 1st quarter 2013 or earlier and who still call EAD / CFAH their training home.

Don’t see your name listed? Let us know, and be sure to check in with Coach Karen next time you’re in to train so we can update your athlete profile.

Happy Anniversary to: Bob Da, Cheryl L, Kurt D, Kurt Mc, Jenn F, Kathy E, Fernando, Erin Ko, Linda P, Ellen W, Adam J, Licia A, Dave A, Erin Ka, Elizabeth L, Jovi, Yasir, Nate B, Steve B, Crystal K, Heather C, Joel B, Susan E, Steven L, Lynn Mc, Grace W, Mary Beth D, Mary Beth P, Tom K, Nic G, Tiger, George L, Nadya, Kathy T, Sandy G, Lisa Z, Rob A, Coach Ashley, Phil P, Ali D, Tony K, Emily P, Matthew C, Marie H, and Katie K.

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