Happy Birthday, June Athletes!

June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess for love and marriage. June boasts several observances, including Children's Awareness Month, National Rivers Month, National Safety Month, National Rose Month, National Dairy Month and Gay Pride Month.

Happy Birthday to our June athletes! Don’t see your name on the list and you were born this month? Let us know so we can offer birthday wishes. Our June “babies” include: Natasha K, Mary T, Vinessa M, Kevin S, Melissa K, Steve H, Michael O’C, Sandra D, Tom K, Kathy E, Elizabeth S, Patricia T, Rachel  P, Rob K, Lisa L, Melissa W, Angie L, Donna A, Chris S, Therese S, Kim G, Kate, C, Anthony B, Mary R, Brian S, Bernadette C, Amanda M, Peggy K, Kelsey C, Pam A, Jim K and Brandon O.

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