Happy Birthday, November Athletes!

Did you know February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon?

Happy Birthday to all our athletes born during the month of November. Don’t see your name listed? Let us know, and be sure to check in with Coach Karen next time you’re in to train so we can update your athlete profile.

Birthday wishes to: Vikram, Talya, Amanda, Catherine S, Kevin T, Michelle W, Sheila R, Kurt Mc, Nic G, Bonnie V, Amber R, Sarah D, Juan M, Steve H, Julie B, Diana GF, Chris P, Rob V, Justin F, Adetola, Greg, Heidi O, Lisa Z, Natalia, Kenny, Dan W, Chris V, Dan G, Diana D, Nate G, Derek B, Francesca G, and Madden Mc.

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