Inboard Engines Provided By EAD / CFAH.

Carol, Barb & Phil ready the ERGs for one of the final workouts prior to CIRC 2011.

EAD Fitness Boot Camp and CrossFit Arlington Heights athletes are set to get their stroke on at the 13th Annual Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships Saturday, Feb. 26 at Chicago State University. Athletes are entered in the 2000m and 500m individual events, and EAD / CFAH will also field a men’s & women’s 2500m five-person relay, and contend for the Team Open Challenge.

Join us as we send a huge virtual cheer to the following EAD / CFAH athletes:
Bill M, Devin, Josh R, Kevin T, Dave M, Rory, Rob V, Al, Tom S, Rick, Craig, Kelly T, Phil, Sammy, Amy C, Malaika, Jennie, Amy Pi, Amy Pr, Becca, Nicole, Liz, Sara, Dana, Laura, Barb, Karen J, Carol, Lisa S, Katharine, Jackie H, Linnea, Kelly B, Eric N, Scott O’D, Brandon, Julie G, and Performance Coaches Becky, Jenn, Jim, Josh, Karen & Kristen.

Want to see how your fellow athletes are doing? Live results will be posted at

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