Introducing the EAD Combine.

By Jim Inman, Owner & Head Performance Coach, Elite Athletic Development l CrossFit Arlington Heights l CrossFit Axis

Normally upon hearing the name “Christine,” I’d spin around looking for a demonic 1958 Plymouth Fury. Nowadays, I break out in a sweat thinking about how to pace my 500-meter rows so as not to kill my deadlifts and box jumps.

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks we’ve included a variety of seemingly random tests before the daily workout. Rest assured there was nothing random about “Christine” and the six other tests; they make up the new EAD Combine.
The EAD Combine encourages EAD athletes at all levels to measure and track progress on a set of standardized movements. Each athlete who completes the EAD Combine will receive a composite score to track over the coming months as part of their Elite Athletic Development 3-2-1 Goal! ™ setting.

The name Elite Athletic Development sums up our training philosophy: we use a disciplined, science-based methodology to help our athletes achieve sustainable results. One of the cornerstones of that methodology is SAID: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.

Many of you have heard me pontificate on the importance of SAID, and I’ll explain it in more detail in future articles, but for now, remember that the human body adapts to—and only to—the specific level of demand imposed upon it. That is why if you come in and only use the same 20 lb. kettlebell for every training session, you’ll eventually plateau and STOP IMPROVING. Every athlete must increase the imposed demand on the body on a regular basis to continue to make changes in body composition, and improve strength and conditioning. Simply put, if you keep doing the same weight—even in different movements—progress will stop; once progress stops, backsliding begins.

The new EAD Combine, used along with a training log, encourages you to train with intensity and purpose, track your progress, and achieve sustainable results. Watch for more information on the new, custom Elite Athletic Development training log. The training logs should arrive in the next three weeks, and available to you at cost ($15).

Questions, thoughts or reactions regarding the EAD Combine? Let us know.

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