Jeff G named December 2015 100% Award honoree.


You’ll usually find Jeff G with the Sunrise Crew, or the Saturday Boot Camp.

Congratulations to Jeff G, the December 2015 100% Award honoree. The award celebrates EAD | CFAH Athlete Malaika Corsentino who gave 100 percent to her training, even while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for Glioblastoma. The monthly honoree will be selected from nominations submitted by EAD | CFAH athletes and evaluated by the performance coaches.

You’ll usually find Jeff G training at the crack of dawn with the “5 am’ers,” or during the Saturday, 8 a.m., Boot Camp. Jeff first experienced the EAD | CFAH Training Community during a Saturday Free Class in December, 2011; he started “Movement Essentials” (now known as “Training Essentials”) the following Tuesday evening.

Fellow “5 am’er” Mike O’N nominated Jeff, citing his “positive presence” and his continuous quest for improvement. “He always challenges himself to meet the Rx standards,” said Mike, “And (he) fosters a positive environment for training.” An EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches notes that Jeff G is “focused on improving himself every day” and is driven to “push harder” during each training session.

The nomination deadline is for the January 100% Award is Monday the 25th. Email Coach Karen with the athlete name and a quick sentence or two describing how the nominee demonstrated commitment, consistency, camaraderie, community building, and / or the willingness to accept challenge.

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