MetCon/ Strength & Power WOD 09.08.11

MetCon WOD

Rowing technique/Front Squat technique


How many different ways can you carry an odd and heavy object?

Partner Workout:

3 Rounds for Reps of Front Squat:

P1 Row 500M

P2 Goblet Squat Hold (70/50) KB/DB until row is finished

P3 Front Squat (65/45) until row is finished (must rack the bar on shoulders if not squatting)

**Switch positions, repeat until all players have done each station, which equals 1 Round**


Strength & Power WOD

Front Squat



For Time:

BB Thruster 10 (Thruster Weight is 40-45% of 3 RM Front Squat)
Hand Release Push Ups 10
BB Thruster 16
Hand Release Push Ups 16
BB Thruster 22
Hand Release Push Ups 22

**Time Cap of 8:00**


How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle (<—Click….The Mark Sisson Approach)



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