MetCon WOD/ Strength & Power WOD 12.19.11


 Power Clean/Front Squat/Pistol Form & Technique Work


Everyone in better spirits after the workout is over.


As many sets in 5 minutes:

Power Clean x 1

Front Squat x 3


*During each set can’t drop barbell, scale weight accordingly

 rest 2 min

 As many reps in 4 minutes:

Alternating Pistols (free standing, on box, to box, hanging on to pull or bands)

 rest 2 min

 As many rounds in 3 minutes:

5 burpees

5 sit ups (unanchored)

*Compare to 9/26/11


Strength & Power:

  Back Squat

*Find a 1 Rep Max Back Squat

 *You are being asked to find a 1RM, your best possible lift. Then you do not do grueling sets leading up to this as you would with the previous workouts.


For Time:

20 Sit Ups (Unanchored)

10 Burpees

**Power Clean/Front Squat Ladder (1-6 at 135lb Men, 95lb Women)

10 Burpees

20 Sit Ups

 **Perform a power clean then a front squat.  Then perform a power clean and then two front squats.  Then a power clean and three front squats.  Continue this pattern until you get to a power clean and six front squats.  You do NOT go back down the ladder.  In total the ladder is 6 Power Clean and 21 Front Squats.


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