MetCon WOD/ Strength & Power WOD 12.28.11


Push Jerk/Split Jerk Form & Technique

The 6:30PM MetCon Class catching their breath between rounds.

2 Rounds for Total Reps of Each Exercise
2:00 AMRAP Push Jerk – 95#/65#
Rest 3:00
2:00 AMRAP Double Unders (Work on Double Unders)
Rest 3:00
2:00 AMRAP Burpees
Rest 3:00

Strength & Power:

Clean/ Push Jerk/ Split Jerk Form & Technique Work
In 15:00 min. work up to 85% of 1RM Clean & Jerk.
Within that time frame work both types of jerks.
Within that time frame work multiple jerks from shoulder to overhead position.
*“Freddie’s Revenge” (clean from the ground)

5 Jerks (185/125) (These jerks are shoulder to overhead)
10 Burpees

There will be a 12:00 Min Time Cap.  Scale weight accordingly.


Correcting Jerk Weaknesses




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