MetCon WOD / Strength & Power WOD / Elite Training Camp 02.22.12

Lots of Deadlifting and Box Jumping going on in Tuesday nights class.


Perform 2 Wall Walks every Min on the Min for 8:00.


Ring Dip/Shoulder Press Form and Technique Work


4 Rounds for Total Reps of:

 40 seconds Dead Hang Pull Ups

-rest 20 seconds-

40 seconds Ring Dips

-rest 20 seconds-

40 seconds Anchored Sit Ups (Med Ball Anchor)

-rest 20 seconds-

40 seconds Shoulder Press (75/45)

-rest 20 second


Strength & Power:

*Find a 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press

*You are being asked to find a 1RM, your best possible lift. Then you do not do grueling sets leading up to this as you would with the previous workouts.


Pull Up Ladder with a Partner

1-5-1 (Athlete work on type of pull up specific to their needs)


For Time:

100 Anchored Sit Ups (Use Med Ball)


Elite Training Camp:

Snatch Progressions

Overhead Squat


What (Not) to Expect From the 2012 CrossFit Games Open


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