MetCon WOD / Strength & Power WOD / Elite Training Camp 04.13.12


This Date in EAD History (4/13/10): Coach Josh R getting some love post workout from Bristow.


Power Snatch/Wall Ball Shot Form & Technique Work


For time:

A.        50 Power Snatches (75/55)

B.         100 Double Unders (3:1, try to incorporate some doubles)

C.         Row 500 Meters

D.        100 Jumping Pull Ups

E.         50 Wall Ball Shots (20/16)

Perform sets in any order but rest exactly 3 minutes between all sets. Final time is total time to complete + rest.  (For each set, athlete should copy and track times to compare to future dates)

Compare to 2/24/12


Strength & Power:

Rest Day or make up a S & P workout you missed during the previous 4 day training cycle.


Elite Training Camp:

KB Swing

Wall Ball

Double Unders


 The Importance of Pull-up Bar Training


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