MetCon WOD / Strength & Power WOD / Elite Training Camp 06.13.12

Diana using one of the various forms of resting between rounds.


Pull Up Progression (see Monday)
For Total Reps:
Tabata: (:20 on/:10 off) (4:00 Min Total)
Jumping Pull Ups
Push Press (95/65)
Atomic Sit Ups
KB Swings (50/30) (Russian Swing)

Strength & Power:

Pull Up Progression (see Monday)
Shoulder Press
3-3-3 (90% of 1RM) (Rest 3-4 Min. between)
12-9-6 (Rest 1 Min between)
Accumulate 3:30 Min in a Front Leaning Rest (Top of Push Up Position)

Elite Training Camp:

Snatch Progressions
Overhead Squat

Are Your Shoulders Tight?


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