MetCon WOD / Strength & Power WOD / Elite Training Camp / CrossFit Skill (Gymnastic Training) 06.20.12

MetCon/Strength & Power:

Find a 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press
2 Attempts:
Max Dead Hang Pull Ups (any grip)
For Time:
50 Bar Hop Burpees
(Criteria: Hip and chest must touch the ground at the same time, both feet must jump or hop over the barbell at the same time)

Compare to 050212

John O'Neill setting up for his 400lb+ Deadlift. One of many PR's at EAD on Tuesday.

Elite Training Camp:

Back/Front Squat
Box Jump

CrossFit Skill (Gymnastic Training) for Wed/Sunday:

Hollow Body Positioning
Hollow Rock
Learning to stabilize midline during various movements

Long Commute Takes Away From Healthy Activities



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