New Strength & Conditioning Cycle Begins January 2.

2017strengthpromoThe first Strength & Conditioning Cycle of 2017 begins Monday, Jan. 2. The new cycle features several options for athletes to customize the program to their unique goals, needs and training schedule. The 12-week cycle was programmed by Coach Jason.

“The January – March Strength & Conditioning Cycle requires that athletes approach each and every training session with consistent focus and intensity,” said Coach Jason. “It’s going to be a challenging cycle, and one that will deliver results if you fully commit and put in the work.”

If it’s been a while since your last  Strength & Conditioning Cycle, or if you’ve yet to give one a try, now is the perfect chance. Check out the EAD | CFAH Schedule for class times.

The January – March Strength & Conditioning Cycle features two components: the daily lift, which will be posted alongside the CrossFit Workout of the Day, and assistance work. Each athlete will select assistance work from a menu posted in the Strength & Conditioning area. The menu options offer athletes the opportunity to customize programming. Athletes should select the assistance work option that best suits their training goals and stick with it for the duration of the cycle. The assistance work options are:

  • PowerBuilder designed to add muscle mass and address posterior chain, upper back, core and other weaknesses
  • In & Out selected for those who need to complete their lift in 60 minutes
  • Minimalist programmed for the dedicated CrossFit athlete who wants to work in a lift before, after or in-between classes

A few things to keep in mind regarding the new cycle:

  • Take time to identify goals you’d like to achieve during the cycle. Write them down in your training log and reference them daily. See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach if you’d like help setting goals for this cycle. Or, print out & complete the 3-2-1 Goal! Planning Worksheet.
  • Athletes may opt to lift two, three or four days per week.
  • The 12-week cycle includes a de-load week every three weeks, and variation to the assistance work every four weeks.
  • The base cycle includes Rep Maxes (RM), or a posted rep range. When a day features one or more RM lifts, work up to the heaviest load you can perform safely and with solid technique & movement mechanics on that day. RM lifts provide the opportunity to account for fluctuations in biorhythms and fatigue, so you can “strike while the iron is hot” on days that feel good and pull back on “off” days.
  •  Solid nutritional support will maximize your success, whether your goals are increased strength, body re-composition, or improved CrossFit performance. See Coach Jason or Coach  Karen about Performance Fueling options.
  • Catch at lease eight hours of sleep nightly. Failing to get adequate rest will keep you from achieving your potential on this cycle.
  • Track every training session.

Questions about the new Strength & Conditioning Cycle? See and EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.

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