New Strength & Power Cycle Lifts Off July 2.

Coach Josh & Coach Ashley demo Clean Progressions.

The new Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis Strength & Power Cycle begins Monday, July 2 and concludes Saturday, July 28, the first day of the 2012 London Olympic Weightlifting event.

The four-week Strength & Power Cycle will focus on the Olympic Lifts — the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. No previous Olympic Lifting experience is necessary — the nationally-certified Elite Athletic Development Performance Coaches will provide expert instruction, and class structure will provide ample practice. Every athlete will benefit from training the Olympic Lifts, and based on previous Strength & Power Cycles, athletes will improve form and mechanics, build confidence and achieve a variety of performance goals.

Athletes ready to commit to the July Strength & Power Cycle should schedule their training as follows:

Mary Kate is just one of the doznes of athletes who committed to the May / June Strength & Power Cycle and hit PR after PR the week of June 25 -- on her lifts and across MetCons.

  • Monday l Train Strength & Power
  • Tuesday l Rest Day. If you didn’t train Monday, programming will repeat today
  • Wednesday l Train Strength & Power
  • Thursday l Train Strength & Power
  • Friday l Rest Day. If you missed Wednesday or Thursday, programming will repeat today
  • Saturday l Train 8 a.m., Advanced MetCon Class
  • Sunday l Rest Day.If you missed Saturday, programming will repeat today

July Strength & Power classes will include movements and lifts which support the Clean & Jerk and Snatch, along with a few other surprises, making for a robust training session. Resist the siren song of the MetCon for the next four weeks, and if you’re a runner, closely monitor your mileage … even consider taking a few weeks off. Remember: over-training is as detrimental to achieving your performance goals as under-training.

Finally, athletes are encouraged to actively recover after training sessions. Take advantage of our Sport Yoga and Mobility & Recovery classes, be sure to foam roll regularly, and if you’re game, even hop in an ice bath.

If you have any questions about the July Strength & Power Cycle, be sure to check in with Coach Josh, Jim, Karen or Becky.

Weigh In: What are your  performance goals for the July Strength & Power Cycle?

Note: Due to the July 4th holiday, week 1 programming will be different than weeks 2 -4.  Check the WOD posting each day for more information.

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