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Contributed by Coach Karen

What a difference a week makes.

The number and fervor of the “I-can’t-believe-(insert testimony)-after-eating-Paleo-for-just-12-days” anecdotes far exceed even a passing mention of food cravings by participants in the Winter 2013 EAD / CFAH 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

Ask anyone fully on-board with eating clean & green since January 7 and they’ll regale you with tales of deeper sleep, brighter eyes, clearer skin, better and more consistent (ahem) evacuation, boundless energy, less belching, a flatter tummy, and more. Nothing like a bit of success to squelch the Week #2 doubt of “Can I make it for 30 days?” Ask challenge participants that question as they head in to Week #3 and they’ll answer “I’ll never stop eating this way!”

Most challenge participants are beginning to recognize that building a Paleo Plate is about abundance, not deprivation. Diets and calorie restriction deprive the body of nutrients and energy to function and perform, and deliver a “skinny fat” aesthetic. Eating Paleo fuels performance while you train and throughout your day, and drives desired and sustainable body composition changes.  That’s why the scale is banished during the 30 Day Paleo Challenge (and dare I say, beyond …). The metrics we track  have much more to do with gains in strength, power, muscular endurance, and overall athletic performance; improve these, and you will achieve your dream “look.”

Week #3 is the perfect time to fine-tune your Paleo Performance Fueling. EAD / CFAH 30 Day Paleo Challenge mentor-at-large and Paleo expert Robb Wolf this week released a series of charts that help decode what, when and how much you eat based on your goal: autoimmunity, endurance, strength & power, or fat loss.

If you’ve participated in one of the EAD / CFAH Performance Fueling Nutrition Workshops, or met with me one-on-one, you’ll find great symmetry between my recommendations and Wolf’s charts, and the protein and calorie guidelines won’t phase you. Some of you, however, might be shocked by how many calories you should take on board each day. If your jaw is slack and you gasp as you read the calorie guidelines, please don’t panic; contact me and we can walk through the necessary progression to increase your calorie count. Please don’t dramatically increase or decrease calorie count overnight. Let me say that again. If you currently take 1,500 calories on board each day, but you should be closer to 2,800, the calorie increase is gradual over weeks, and possibly months.

Take a moment to review the charts, assess how your current fueling syncs up, and contact me with any questions or concerns.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Has anyone tried to derail your progress since you started eating Paleo? If so, how did you handle the situation? Post your “Comments”.


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